What is your go-to music inspiration for work?

December, 2020 | Blog

1 min read

Andrew Hatfield

Andrew has over 23 years of experience in marketing, sales, and technology across small and large organisations as well as government. With a relentless focus on customer outcomes, Andrew always looks to solve real problems

What do you listen to when you want to concentrate and ensure productivity?

Music is incredibly powerful, especially for memory, association, and productivity. Many studies have been conducted that show a strong connection between our emotional state and the music we’re listening to, including this Lutz Jäncke study “Music, Memory and Emotion“.

My go to, even years later, is STILL the Submergence soundtrack when I’m working on something and need to really focus.

A close second is Chinese instrumental, especially from soundtracks like Hero.

Normally, the music is quite low – but sometimes you’re in the zone and pumping and it’s loud Happy Hardcore.

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